eCraft Videos

Here is a master list of the videos that I have done using the eCraft Personal Cutter.  These links will take you directly to the post where I originally introduced them.  Be sure to check out the eCraft Settings Chart as this chart will have the most up to date information available on pressure and tab settings.

Cutting Papertrey Ink Cardstock
Cutting Stampin' Up Cardstock
Cutting Vinyl
Cutting Fabric
Cutting Vellum
Finding Pressure Settings 1
Finding Pressure Settings 2
First look at the MTC beta plug in for the eCraft
SVG Basics in MTC for the eCraft user
Cutting Scraps with MTC on the eCraft
SCAL 3 Orientation for the eCraft
Print and Cut with the eCraft - Hinge Method
Using Layers in SCAL 3
Making Scoremarks in MTC using Thin Paths and the Dashed Line Features
Making a Single Layer File into a Multiple Layer File in MTC
Using Conical Warp in MTC
Using the eCraft's Pen in eCraftshop Pro to make a subtle text background
Welding Text in SCAL 3
MTC - First Look at Beta 4.02
eCraftshop Pro - Lining elements up evenly
Making a Shaped Card in SCAL 3
Working with Rhinestone Patterns from
Using the Tiler Feature in MTC
Working with Long Pieces of Paper (or Vinyl) in eCraftshop Pro
Using eCraft Die Cuts to Emboss Paper
Print & Cut with the Hinge Method in SCAL 3
Working with Lettering Delights Cut Tiles in MTC
Using Basic Shapes in eCraftshop Pro to create tags
Cutting Fun Foam in the eCraft
Exploring the Path Menu in SCAL 3
Creating Rhinestone Patterns in MTC
Cutting a Banner from eCraftshop Pro
Exploring the Rhinestone and Lattice Features in SCAL 3
Using the Eraser Tool in MTC

My Christmas with the eCraft Series - 2010

Day 1 - Using the SD Card Images on the eCraft Console 
Day 2 - Using the SD Card Images in the software to create new images
Day 3 - Using True Type Fonts in the software
Day 4 - Importing SVGs into the software and utilizing cut and draw features
Day 5 - Basic SVG modifications using Inkscape
Day 6 - Using Vector PDF files with the eCraftshop Pro software and Make the Cut software
Day 7 - Using Make the Cut software to create layered SVGs for the eCraft

My Birthday Series - April 2011

Day 1 - ECraft Tips
Day 2 - Making a Die Cut from a Stamp using MTC
Day 3 - Making a Shaped Card in MTC
Day 4 - Using your Digital Papers in MTC
Day 5 - Using your SVG files as Graphic Files
Day 6 - Working with Small Elements in MTC - Vinyl Method
Day 7 - Working with Small Elements in MTC - Printing Method

Here are some other great eCraft sure to check them out!

Create & Cut - eCraft Introduction
Create & Cut - eCraftshop Pro SVG Stuttering
Create & Cut - eCraft Setting Tab Density and Tab Width
Create & Cut - Deleting a shape through the console
Create & Cut - Blade Safety Cap - Glitter Paper
Create & Cut - Cutting Thin Paper
Create & Cut - Bumpers & Rollers
Create & Cut - Clicking Sound
Create & Cut - Slow Motion Cutting
Nicki's Cardstock Creations - Cutting Cricut Cake Frosting Sheets
Beth at My Cricut Scrapbooking - Making SVGs with Draw & Cut elements
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