Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#Fabulous You

To finish off our month with American Crafts, I decided to make a tag using the super cute Pebbles From Me to you Collection.  What I love about their lines is how well everything works together and this tag is a perfect example of that.  Of course when you add the eBosser by Craftwell into the mix, you can make it even better!  I really wanted to show the versatility of this collection, because it is perfect for mixing modern with vintage, so decided to mix those two styles together to create something that I hoped would work well….and it did.



To get started, I cut a piece of patterned paper from the From Me to You collection to create the base for my tag.  I used a hole punch to add the hole into the long side of the tag.  Then I spritzed some Perfect Pearls mist in Heirloom Gold onto the tag and added the gold Postage edge sticker that is also from the From Me to You collection.  I then pulled out some coordinating papers from the From Me to You collection and using my eBosser die cut the Rolodex card and the Plaque label.  Then I grabbed some kraft cardstock for the label to hold my sentiment.  Like last week, I used the American Crafts stamp to create my own sentiment and decided to use “#Fabulous You”.  This shows you just how long your sentiment can be and it fit perfectly on that kraft label.  Love how it adds that vintage feel to an obviously modern sentiment.  I then took the Rolodex card die cut and decided to impress it with an impression plate in my eBosser.  Before I did this, I inked up the impression plate with some dark grey ink.  Love how this looks!


Then I assembled the layers and added a cute little clothespin from the From Me to You Collection from Pebbles. Before adhering it to the tag, I couldn’t resist adding a few more little stickers from the collection to the corner.  Then since this whole tag is playing with opposites, I decided to bring in another rustic element and created a little tassel with some twine.


Hope all of you have a #Fabulous You day!

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