Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SCAL 3 Orientation for the eCraft

Hi everybody!

We are taking a break from the birthday cards this week for a video on the new SCAL 3.  Here are few things that you need to know about SCAL 3.

  • SCAL 3 does NOT support the Cricut cutting machines
  • SCAL 3 will not erase SCAL 2 so you can have both versions on your computer
  • If you have already purchased SCAL 2, the SCAL 3 is available to you for FREE!
  • SCAL 3 supports many die cutters including the eCraft.
If you would like to download SCAL 3, you can do that HERE.

Here is a video that I did showing how the orientation of the virtual mat in SCAL 3 compares to what comes out of the eCraft.

Also, I have had a few people ask me which program I would recommend.  At this time, I am not going to make a recommendation because we do not have a stable version of the plug in for Make the Cut.  Once that is available, I will be doing a full review of both programs.  Hopefully this will happen sooner than later, but I feel that it would be comparing apples to oranges since one is stable while the other is still in beta.


Anonymous said...

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpful thank you so much.

PapaSue said...

Denise, I just wanted you to know that I posted a link to your eCraft for SCAL video on the SCALForum ( in the tutorial sections. I've been searching for this type of video to see if I want my next cutter to be an eCraft, a several others have been interested in more info on the eCraft with SCAL3.

Keep them coming.

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