Sunday, August 29, 2010

More eCraft Results and another Video!

I decided to try cutting some thinner papers.  I first opened up a paper stack by Me & My Big Ideas.  This stack is a black and white stack with smooth patterned papers, as well as flocked papers and a few transparencies.  Here are the results from cutting these papers in the eCraft. I have not tested the transparencies yet because I want to get some more blades in stock before testing just in case, but here are the results for the other papers in this stack.

First off the smooth patterned papers.  This paper cut easily and popped out without a problem.  I used a pressure of 6, tab density of 1, and tab width of 1.

Next up was the flocked paper.  I only cut one image from this paper as the flocking did leave behind some debris and I did not want the mess on my hands.  To cut the flocked paper I used a pressure of 7, tab density of 1 and a tab width of 1.  The cuts were a little more difficult to remove from the paper, but not so much that I would avoid using this paper. In this image, the black parts are the flocked parts, and the white is smooth.

I also decided to test out some Recollections Cardstock.  Tom over at Create and Cut, had tested this paper as well using colors from different color collections, you can see his post on that HERE.  I used paper from the Primary Color Collection, and I had some interesting results.  The cuts cut OK using a pressure of 6, tab density of 1, tab width of 1. The green paper shown in the pictures below is using this setting. One thing that I noticed on Craftwell's Tips & Tricks page was that pressure settings can be adjusted every half step.  So I decided that with this paper, I would try it.  I put the pressure dial so that the dot in between the 6 and 7 were showing and attempted some more cuts.  I had some failure here, which I have shown in the picture below, but some cuts turned out better.  When using this paper, you may want to try the 6.5 pressure first, and if it doesn't work then knock it down to 6 and try again.

I made another discovery yesterday thanks to Nicole at Nicki's Cardstock Creations.  She did a video demonstrating how you can use a cardstock stabilizer on thinner papers and set your tabs to 0.  Since the cardstock stabilizer is "holding" your paper, there is no need to have the tabs.  This is a great find indeed!  In fact, I think that when I am working on a project I will probably consider using thinner papers for these intricate cuts first.  Check out her amazing video on her blog HERE.

I decided that with this discovery, I was ready to tackle vellum and guess what?  It worked great, so I made a video of that for you here.  I used a pressure setting of 4, with tab density set at 0.

On a more personal note...tomorrow my husband is going to the hospital to have a discogram performed.  He has been battling a back injury for almost a year and a half now.  We have exhausted all non-surgical options, and now surgery is the only option.  This discogram will let the surgeon know if surgery is an option  for him and if surgery would relieve him of his pain.  He is very nervous about this and we are praying that surgery is an option and that it will relieve his pain as his quality of life with this injury is horrible.  Because of this I may not be able to do as much testing over the next couple of days as I would like to.

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