Friday, August 27, 2010

Cutting Stampin' Up Cardstock on the eCraft

So the next cardstock that I tested is Stampin' Up.  This is an 80 lb cardstock that is very popular in the papercrafting community especially with stampers.  I determined that the settings for Stampin' Up cardstock should be pressure 8, tab density 1, tab width 1.  In the video you will see that I had trouble getting this cardstock to cut at first.  I took a close look at the machine and removed the blade safety cap and there were a few paper fibers around the base of the blade.  I cleaned those up and also made sure that there were none inside the blade safety cap.  Once I did that this paper cut great.  For future reference, when testing out paper we are going to need to verify that the blade area is clean before determining if there is failure when using a certain paper.  Here is the video so you can see what I experienced.

Here are the pictures of the 3 shapes that I cut with the Stampin' Up cardstock.

Before I was asked a question (by Cindy) on You Tube about trying to lower the pressures on these papers to see if that would result in better cuts.  I did try to cut both the Stampin' Up and the Papertrey Ink cardstock at a pressure of 7 and when I did that the cuts did not go all the way through the paper.  The blue light that indicates when a cut is cutting all the way through did not come on at all, so the answer to that question is no.  Good thinking Cindy!

I am going to post some more videos tomorrow, but I am going to keep it a suprise for now!  Make sure you check back, because you won't want to miss it!

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