Monday, February 20, 2012

eCraft Monday Design Team


Color Blocking is all the rave right now in fashion.  Here is a picture from Pinterest to give you an idea of what I am talking about.


So, I thought what a perfect effect for us paper crafters to apply to our projects!  Now, our lovely sponsor Unity Stamps sent me the Going Retro stamp set which is just PERFECT for this technique.  I also was inspired by our other sponsor eCraft Diecutable Cardstock from the Paper Mill Store.  When they sent us our paper, they also sent us a little swatch book that has a small sample of each color of paper.


Well, that little swatch book has gone everywhere with me and it is wonderful!  With this little gem, when I am at a store and wonder if that ribbon will match…all I have to do is pull that little number out of my purse.  I decided to expand on this little idea of a swatch book and create an expanded version so that I can come up with color combinations on the fly. 




I get inspired by color all the time so I figured if I have something that will help me see all the colors together I can create color combinations on a whim.  Just the other night, I came up with a new color combination while I was waiting for my son to finish up his karate class because I had this handy.


Here is how this works…




The colors shown here are Lemongrass, Mint, Key Lime Pie, Purple Cabbage, and White Flour.  I will certainly be making something with this color combination soon!


So now, how did I create this little gem?  Well I have made it super easy for you.  Below is a link to download the SVG files for this project!


I cut out the Insert file on each of the 26 colors of eCraft Diecutable Cardstock. I used a pressure of 4 on a veggie mat. Then I cut out the cover to use as a template because for this project I made I wanted to use a really thick chipboard.  This chipboard is more than 1 mm thick so it won’t fit in the rollers of the eCraft for cutting.  I also cut out my 3 color blocking layers in Key Lime Pie, Mint, and Lemongrass.




Now it is assembly time!  I used my Stamp-a-ma-jig (available at Michaels) to stamp my lovely lady on the chipboard cover and all three color blocking layers in the exact same place.  I then used Scor-Tape to adhere each layer of the color blocking layers onto the chipboard cover.


Then I threaded some handmade crinkle ribbon through both covers and the inserts and tied off each section of ribbon.  I topped them each off with a coordinating button threaded with some rustic twine.


I just LOVE this color blocking look and thought that all of you might want to see how I created it, so here is a little video for you!



Now, the next time I find inspiration I can pull this little number out of my purse and put together a color combination.  It really helps to see the colors right next to each other so you will know that they work before cutting.


Have a great week everybody!  Oh, and before I forget HERE are your free SVG files so you can duplicate this project!

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