Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pretty Picture Frame

As you may have noticed by my blog design, but I love peacocks.  I think that they are just gorgeous!  I wanted to create something that was "peacock inspired" but wasn't completely peacock.  Here is what I did.  First, I got out some gorgeous K&Company double sided paper.  I selected 5 different sheets from the paper pack and then I used a Lettering Delights SVG from the Simple Flower Shapes and my eCraft was off and cutting!

(Note:  I found the print out on Pinterest and I just LOVE the hidden meaning with the misspelled word of Loose instead of Lose)

After cutting out all the flowers, I folded them in a bit on each side and adhered them down.  I made sure to do half of them where one side of the paper is up and then the other half where the other half of the paper is up.  That way I got more variety from my double sided paper.

I then took a plain black picture frame and covered the edges in paper with some Glue N Seal...which is awesome!  So much better than Mod Podge.  Then I started laying all the "feathers" on the picture frame and adhered them down with some liquid adhesive.

This took awhile to create, but it was worth it!  I have been thinking of other simple shapes that I could use for this same technique, I was thinking, plain circles, scalloped circles, steampunk gears, pinking circles, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

1 comment:

Belinda Basson said...

Wow, your trusty friend worked overtime cutting all of these flowers! Love the end result.

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