Saturday, June 25, 2011

YAHOO! I got some new eCraft SD Cards!

I recently received a very generous gift of 2 eCraft SD cards (Thanks Emily!).  I got Sports Life and Office Essentials, and I thought the only thing to do is to make a bunch of cards with these cards and share them here with all of you.

Now, I have to tell you...I am not a "Sports" person.  Even though I am a mom of 2 boys, neither one of them have gravitated to a sport yet.  I am sure that when they do, I will become the biggest fan of that sport and of course the proud mama of my little athletes.  As I was looking through the images on the Sports Life eCraft SD card, I was really surprised.  This card covers just about every sport I could think of.  There are images on here for Football, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Track, Basketball, Hockey, Ice Skating, Fencing, Gymnastics, Sailing, Rowing, Fishing, Swimming, Diving, Weight Lifting, Boxing, Wrestling, Horseback Riding, Rodeo, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf, and Karate.  On top of that, there is a category full of Spectator and Award items, and a font.  So even though I am not a sports person, there is plenty here for me to play with.  Let's start with this cutie cheerleader!

I did something a little different with this cut.  I used some of the onlay pieces (mainly the darker green pieces and the hair) and then for the rest of it, I treated it like a stamp and colored it with my Copics.  Now I have to warn you, the eCraft pen is not Copic approved and you have to be really careful to not go over any of the pen lines because you will end up with a mess (don't ask me how I know this).  I can only hope that maybe one day Craftwell will come out with pens for the eCraft that work with Copic markers because this was so much fun and a lot of the eCraft images I think would work well this way.

The other thing that I did different with this cutie is that I used an Action Wobble to attach her to the card.  If you haven't seen these, they are very cool.  When you attach something with an Action Wobble, the item will bounce around and it stays securely onto the card.  And trust me it does stay securely, I put it to a good test and this little cheerleader looks like she is really jumping up for joy.  So much fun!

Tomorrow I will share with you a card I made from the Office Essentials eCraft SD card!


Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth said...

This is a darling card! I am sure it's even cuter when she wobbles!

Ruthie :)

Jann Schott said...

Oh, I just adore the Action Wobbles! Of course, each time I move the top part, i *have* to add, "Boooiiiinnnggg" at the end!

Very cute cheerleader!

Stacy @ Shabby Scrap Shack said...

Too Cute! I also love the stitching along the border - it added the perfect 'a little extra something' to the whole card!

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