Thursday, November 3, 2011

SCAL 3 Video for eCraft users–November

Hi everybody!  I know I am very late on posting this video.  I have been dealing with a computer issue for the past few days…AARGGHH!  Hate it when that happens LOL!


Today’s video is one that I have been wanting to bring to all of you for awhile now and I finally took the time to figure it all out for you.  Today we are going to be using Sure Cuts A Lot 3 to do a Print & Cut with the eCraft.


If you have not seen my previous video on this where I used Make the Cut, make sure to watch that HERE because in that video I demonstrate how to set up the eCraft for this. 


Enjoy the video and I hope that this helps some of you!



candace1221 said...

You're expanding my world to LD graphics! I had only purchased their svg files. Are you printing this on your eCraft??? Or are you printing onto your printer? I only have a black pen in my eCraft and can't imagine coloring an image with it -- especially the train in your first hinge method video. Am I missing something? If you've sized it in SCAL or MTC, how would you print to a regular printer (if that's what you do)?

candace1221 said...

I posted too quickly! I found my answer in the MTC tutorials. I never thought to click "file" and "print" to print to my regular printer! I still think it's worth it for you to explain clearly for other novice users.
Thanks for all you do!

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