Thursday, October 20, 2011

eCraft Video–eCraftshop Pro-Working with Long Mat Sizes


Hello everybody!  Have I mentioned that this time of year is a very busy crafting time for me?  Well it is.  Not only do I have my Halloween crafts, but my son’s birthday is shortly after Halloween.  That means that right now I am busy making invitations and party favors, all that fun stuff!  For this month’s eCraftshop Pro video, I decided to show you how to work with longer mat sizes in the software.  One of the great things about the eCraft is that even though it has a Roll mode, you can still cut longer pieces using Front mode or Tray mode.  Since the vinyl that I am using in this video comes on a roll that does not fit on the eCraft roll end caps, I decided to cut my vinyl and feed it through the front.  Works like a charm!


I used a glossy outdoor vinyl in black for the base layer of Darth Vader (which you will see me cut out in the video) and then if you look closely you will see that there are some accent pieces layered on top that were cut in a matte finish vinyl in black.  Very cool effect!  Works especially well for Darth Vader since his helmet is shiny!  The SVG that I used came from Katydid Creativity and Paper Adventures.  I did modify the file from a shaped card to one that would work for my purposes.  Also the background paper I got on Etsy from CocoaMint.



Hope you enjoyed the video!  And yes, in case you were wondering there will be more Star Wars stuff coming soon! 

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