Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cake Challenge #2


Welcome back to my month long series on cake decorating using the eBosser from Craftwell & Photo Frost frosting sheets.  If you remember, my friend Jennifer Carreno who can make cake into works of art is helping me because when it comes to cake decorating, I am a complete mess….no really I mean it…disastrous.  So when we left you last week, I showed you this cake which Jennifer brought over for us to decorate.


So from here, we started to experiment with cutting and embossing the Photo Frost sheets.  We decided to start with cutting.  I decided to try to cut without adding any kind of vegetable oil or anything and see what happens…well it cuts like butter!  Getting the Photo Frost out of the die can be a bit of challenge, but once you get a small section up, it comes out easily.  A small pin or pick can help if you are having trouble.


We also decided to go ahead and try out embossing…take a look at how amazing this emobssing looks.  Jennifer was so excited to be able to add a little dimension this way!


From here, Jennifer put me to work cutting and embossing.  For example, on the cake we have some flower accents.  We decided to emboss some of the layers and leave some of the others flat. 


Jennifer used some frosting under the petals to get them to stand a little.  The above picture shows that in the top flower.  She also added a dot to the center of the flowers.  I am guessing by now, you have noticed something else in this picture….can you guess what it is?  No?  Well be sure to stop back next week… Winking smile


Jennifer was ECSTATIC to cut out letters!  I guess that letters in the cake decorating field is tricky and a lot of people free hand them.  Jennifer had just the solution to “adhere” the letters onto the fondant…vanilla extract.  I never would have thought of that!  Here is a little peek of the letters that we cut out…


How amazing is that? 


Still not convinced that you can do this…well come back next week and you will see what Jennifer and I did.  If I can do this, you can do this!

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