Friday, January 28, 2011

A Dream Come True!

Earlier today Andy at Make the Cut released a beta version of the eCraft plug-in.  This means that for those of us that have purchased Make the Cut, we can now cut from Make the Cut directly to the eCraft.

I have played around with it for a few hours, and so far so good!  I have cut some things testing out the different features.  I have been able to cut from the tray as well as from the front.  I have also been able to draw with the pen.

Andy has stated that he was cutting on a machine that had firmware version 2.0.  I have firmware version 1.01 and no problems yet, so I think that is good news!

Here is a quick video that I did to show you the plug in as well as the orientation of the screen to what you get cut out of the machine.  Over the next few days I will be doing more with this, so there may be more videos on this.


Cindy Cade said...

Woohoo!!! I am tired and going to bed but it is downloaded and I look forward to tomorrow to play. Thank you Denise and Andy!!!!

KimberlyRae said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwww.....I Will definitely be checkin this MTC software out! Just wondering if there's a size proportions key?

Ruthie said...

Woooooo Hoooooooo! Just bought MTC and have spent ages playing with it - it really is incredible!

Nancy Ward said...


Wanted you to know I posted a link to this video today on my blog, PaperFriendly.

Nancy Ward

Unknown said...

I am sooooooo excited for this. I had a cricut expression and MTC which I used to to start my vinyl business however I wanted to upgrade my cutter so I upgraded to the Ecraft machine. Finally after waiting a month got it today, now if I can just figure all this out.

jogrybali said...

Hi Denise,
Thanks for all your help.I am rather worried if I can manage this software. I do know about windows, but is this enough.? I am retired and live on a pension. My biggest fear is that I buy an expensive ecraft and find out it is too difficult for me to handle.I do cardmaking and wanted to start with scrapbooking
Have a nice day and keep up your good work.

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