Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Screen Fix for eCP 2.0

OK, so yesterday when the update was released, there were several people that reported the problem with their mat being made of rectangles instead of squares.  I need to give a shout out to Cindy Cade for this!  I was kind of messing around with this, when she e-mailed me this suggestion, so THANK YOU CINDY!  I should tell you all that this is not the ideal solution, but it is something that we can do while we wait for the next update!

So far, I think this only applies to laptop users that have a widescreen monitor, which is exactly what I use!  Here is what I see when I open the program and I have it maximized on my screen.

The first thing I do is minimize the screen. Now I take my cursor and place it over the right side of the screen until I get my cursor to look like a double ended arrow.  From there I drag my screen towards the center of my screen until I am happy with the size of the squares, and here is the result.

Clearly this is not ideal, because we are simply eye-balling the squares, so I really hope that Craftwell can fix this for the next update.


Cindy Cade said...

Gee, I haven't been "shouted" at in a while. You do it so nicely. ;-) Thanks for all YOU do, Denise. You rock!

Pam said...

That probably explains why the stars I did yesterday came out crooked. Many thanks for the tip, Denise.

Helena said...

Thanks for your tip.
I have used a square from the lefttoolbar to check if my square was square enough. :)

Thaks again it helps quite a lot.

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