Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Mother, The Quilter

Ever since I was a little girl, my mother has been a sewer.  She made lots of clothes for me and my brother, and when I was maybe 5 or 6, she took up quilting.  Thirty years since she started this new hobby, and she is going strong.  She has a talent for choosing colors and patterns that go together, and she is so fast too!  My mom is officially retired (has been so for about a year now) and she has been enjoying being able to spend more time quilting.  When I was little, she tried to teach me to sew, and it was an utter failure!  When I started papercrafting, she proclaimed that she could never do it.  I think though that I got my talents from her, we just choose to work with different materials.  Since my mom has become Grandma, several of her creations have become gifts for my boys.

In a few weeks, my parents are going on a month long dream trip throughout Europe, and she wanted to make sure that my kids had these Halloween wallhangings before she left.  When I look at her creations, I can see how the shapes and images within each quilt can be turned into papercrafts as well.  This first one is the one that she gave to my oldest son Jared.

And this next one, is the one that she made for my 2-1/2 yr old Mason.  He has been absolutely enamored with it.

I hope all of you have enjoyed seeing these creations, they are even more beautiful in person!  What ideas do you get from these quilts?  Please let me know if these have inspired you, I would love to pass on the comments to my mom, and if everyone thinks it worthwhile, I have several more quilts that I can share with you for even more inspiration!

Have a great day everybody!

P.S.  There may be another post later today with some exciting news! Hint Hint!

P.P.S.  Here is the GIVEAWAY post!

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