Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Create & Cut!

As you all know by now, I am still waiting for my eCraft.  Supposedly, my machine was one of the flown in machines, but apparently they are having some sort of trouble with the Pinc and Purpleberry machines.  Of course, I ordered a Purpleberry!  So alas I wait!  There is some new information however that I can share with you.  Tom Meeks of the Create and Cut blog, does have an eCraft machine and has been doing some experimenting with it.  I have spoken with Tom a few times, and he is a fascinating person and I really thing that everyone can benefit from what he is doing.

Tom is NOT a papercrafter.  He is what I would call a techy guy.  He is looking to take an electronic die cutting machine and use it for some other purposes.  He is paticularly interested in 3D projects.  He has a different point of view than what most of us would have, because of his inexperience in electronic die cutting and I think we can all learn from him as he learns!

I will be checking in with his blog often, and I look forward to getting my machine (hopefully soon) so that Tom and I can compare notes!  Thanks to Tom for sharing his learning adventure!

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