Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coloring Your Vinyl! Part 2

So the other day, I showed you how I had airbrushed some vinyl with my Copics.  Well here is a sample using the Alcohol Ink technique, click HERE for a tutorial on this method.  Since my shapes were taking up an entire 12x24 sheet of vinyl, I decided to try something a little different.  With the airbrushing, I had airbrushed first, then cut, and then weeded the design.  I decided to try to cut the design first on this sample.  I was curious how well this would work because by doing it this way, I would be able to see the cut lines and could apply the ink over only those parts of the sheet that needed it.  I figured if this worked well, I would save not only time but ink as well.  I was concerned that the ink would bleed into the backing paper and then would it bleed onto my Cricut mat as well?  I thought that this could make a really big mess, but decided to try it anyway!  Here are some pictures (sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, I am having issues with my camera!)

Before weeding.

After weeding.

So if you look closely at the second picture, you can see that the ink did bleed into the cut lines into the backing paper.  The suprising thing is that the ink did NOT bleed through the backing paper!  My Cricut mat is not horribly stained and ruined.  I should tell you that I think if I had used more ink, bleed through onto the mat may be the case.  I used enough ink to get solid coverage throughout.  I did go back through to touch up areas, but only after waiting a few minutes to allow the ink to completely dry.

My goal today is to get this wall art piece up on the wall at my MIL's house because her birthday is today!  This is her birthday present and I am on pins and needles.  I really hope that she likes this.  She is a very difficult person to shop for because she buys anything that she thinks she wants!  So when it comes to holidays, finding a present is very hard because she already has everything that she wants.  In the past, she has responded well to my crafted items, so hopefully she will love this!

Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck!  Here is the GIVEAWAY post, don't forget to sign up!

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