Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vinyl Wall Art

Awhile ago, I posted about a vinyl wall art project that I was working on for my MIL.  For part of it, I used alcohol inks to color some white vinyl.  Well I finally got around to putting it up for her.  I put this over the doorway to her living room in the foyer.  This picture really does not do it justice, I had to stand on her stairs to get a good shot of it, and her lights were reflecting off of it.

She was thrilled, and it looks so much better in person.  I did learn one more thing about using the alcohol inks on the vinyl.  Don't put your transfer tape on it until you are ready to put it up.  I had cut the vinyl and put the transfer tape on it to protect it.  When I went to install it, some of the ink came off with the transfer tape.  It was not enough to cause me to want to re-cut those parts, but I think it would overall look even better if those parts were just a smidge darker.  This entire project was created in Make the Cut on a small scale.  I then enlarged it to where that flourish would fit on one 12x24 mat at a diagonal.  I then broke apart all the words and fit them on the mats.  I then had to assemble all the pieces as I was installing it.  Overall this is about 3-1/2 feet long and about 15" tall.

Tomorrow I will have another update on a project that you have seen a part of!

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