Friday, September 24, 2010

T-shirt Vinyl FUN!!!!

Ok, so I haven't posted anything in awhile, but that does not mean that I haven't been working on it!  I am currently working on cutting some felt with the eCraft, and fortunately Gabriella at Craftwell is helping me out with it.  Hopefully I will have something to report next week for you.  I am getting there, so we are on track!

The other thing that I am working on is a rather large project with my friend Desiree.  After working a little bit with T-shirt (heat transfer) vinyl, we came up with this idea to make Disney sweatshirts for everyone in our families.  Quite an undertaking especially considering how detailed the Disney cuts are.  For most of the cuts, we are using the Disney cartridges from Cricut.  We actually got one of them finished today, so I thought I would share a quick picture for you.  1 down 8 to go!  Here is Desiree's Mulan sweatshirt, and this picture does not give this justice at all!

Most of the t-shirt vinyl used here is from including the pink and blue glitters.  The skin is actually from the Siser Easyweed line and the color is called Cream.  I got this from and I think that Desiree and I actually prefer this product for only one reason.  The Siser Easyweed is a hot or cold peel product and the others were all cold peel.  It look a lot longer to put it all together because we had to wait in between colors to peel off the acrylic sheet to make sure that it adhered well.  With the Siser, after we ironed it on, we instantly peeled it off.  Instant gratification!  These glitter vinyls are absolutely stunning, and this looks so great!

The Mulan cut was from the Happily Ever After cartridge and I cut out all the pieces on my Cricut Expression.

I will be posting pictures of all the other ones that we are making, and we are having so much fun putting these together!  We were joking that we will end up not only any clothing that hasn't been "vinyled up".  Actually that just may end up being true! 

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