Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updates to the eCraft Video Page

Debbie on the eCraft Yahoo Group mentioned that she had trouble finding Tom Meeks' videos on the Create & Cut blog.  He decided to put in some links to his videos, and it got me thinking...why don't I add his videos to my eCraft Videos Page.  So I did.  I will also add any other videos that I find, so check the page out often.

On a personal note...I have not had a lot of crafting time the last few days.  My husband is going to be having back surgery in a few weeks and we have several preparations to get ready for it.  Since he is on some very strong pain medication, I have to drive him to all of his appointments, as well as take care of the house and our boys.  As scary as it is for him to have a surgery like this, it is a blessing.  He is in so much pain 24 hours a day, that even if the surgery doesn't completely eliminate his pain, any relief will be monumental.  I do have some crafting time planned with my friend Desiree tomorrow as we undertake a rather large project.  Hopefully we can make some good progress so that I can share some pictures. 

I will be making time to create some videos once we have the eCraftshop Pro software update...I am anxiously awaiting this update. I today tried to cut out an SVG really quick and ended up with the infamous random circles.  Argh! I hope that Craftwell realizes how important it is to get this software functioning better, as the ability to cut SVG files was a big selling point for them.  I would not have (and I know most other owners) bought the machine without this ability.  I certainly hope that this is their top priority with this update!


Ruthie said...

Completely agree - it was a biggie for me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info on the eCraft. I was getting frustrated. I'm coming from a Wishblade. The eCraft seems to cut much better/easier but the software is definately primative.

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