Friday, September 3, 2010

Some eCraftshop Pro Testing

So there have been some reports that SVGs imported into eCraftshop Pro do not cut right, so after doing some thinking, I decided that there are only a couple of factors that could be the cause of the problem.

1. The driver.  Since everyone is using the same driver, there is no way for us as users to test the driver directly.  As far as I know, testing will have to be done by Craftwell on the driver.
2. The source.  Since SVGs can be created with a few programs, could there be something in one or more of these programs that is causing the cutting problems.

At this point, I cannot think of what else could be contributing to this, so I decided to do some testing on the source of the SVGs.  I went through my SVGs and selected a couple that were created in Inkscape, a couple that were created in Illustrator, and a couple that were created in Make the Cut. 

I went ahead and started to cut these files, and I noticed a trend.  I would appreciate it if others could test this out to see if they came up with the same problem.  First I opened a file posted by Ruthie on the eCraft_Crafters Yahoo Group, that was created in Inkscape, and that she reported cut fine.  I cut that out without a problem, I then opened up a second file that was created in Inkscape and that one stuttered out and died pretty quick.  I had to reset the machine, and then I tested out the Illustrator files.  The first one, cut out part of the image.  It did not stutter out, it just stopped cutting like the file was done.  I am going to try to cut this one on the Cricut, but I suspect that there is some sort of issue with that particular SVG.  I then opened up another Illiustrator file, and it stuttered and died after cutting out a small portion of the file.  I had to reset the machine and then start up again.  I opened up the first file created in MTC, and it cut great.  The second file, stuttered and died. 

This seems like more than a coincidence, why is it that the 2nd file is the one that stutters out?  I then got curious.  I cut out an SVG, and then tried to cut something manually with the SD card, and guess what?  It stuttered and died.  I am not a computer genius by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure seems like this is a driver issue.   If there is anyone else out there that could test this out, I would like to know if this is limited to my machine/computer combo, or if this is more of a blanket result.  I know that people have reported the stuttering and dying problem, but I would be interested to know if this is happening to some people on every cut.

I am going to do some more testing with this to see if these results are consistent with me, but I would like to hear from others to see if we are on a track to finding a solution.

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