Friday, July 22, 2011

WINNERS and some News!

I have had a busy blogiversary week because I was at CHA!!  This was my first time going to CHA and I have to give a HUGE thank you to Kim at the Cutters Creek store for inviting me to go with her and her design team.  I had a blast!  Over the next few days, I will be sharing some pictures and sharing some of the new things coming out that I find very exciting!

Since I know you are all anxious, I will find you in on my visit to the Craftwell booth...can I say that I am REALLY excited about some of the great things that Craftwell has in store for us?!?!?  Ok, I am saying it....WOW!  We are all going to be in for a BIG treat!  Craftwell is working on adding features to the eCraftshop Pro software and probably the biggest thing that they are adding is something that will help us *BLING* ourselves out!  Their vinyl is right around the corner from being released and they have some really cool ones coming out that instantly got me thinking of all the projects that I can do with them!  eCraftCentral is going to have some big changes to it too!  They are partnering with some amazing people to bring more and more images to the site (they plan on having over 1200 available soon) and they are going to do some re-designing to the site to make it easier for us to search for the image that we want.  AND on top of all of that, the eBosser is coming really soon!  Right now, they are saying November.  If you are not aware of the eBosser, well let me fill you in!

The eBosser is an electronic die cutting/embossing machine that can take ALL types of metal dies.  Craftwell just re-designed the machine so that it can take the thick metal dies all the way down to the wafer thin dies.  This re-design also allowed them to reduce the footprint of the machine so it will be easier to fit in your craft space.  Since it can cut 8 1/2" wide, it will take even those huge Spellbinders dies.  Yippee!  For me, the most exciting part, is that they are going to be making several large embossing folders to go along with the machine so that we can emboss both front and back of cards.  The embossing is beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy.

Tomorrow, I will share with you some more CHA fun, but now lets announce the WINNERS of my Blogiversary giveaway!

First off, I have to say thank you to everyone for all the compliments and great suggestions!  Between all of you and all the wonderful things that I saw at CHA, I feel super inspired and I am hoping to gets lots of time to craft this weekend!  I think all of you are amazing and I love you all!

In 3rd place, the winner of a $10 gift certificate to Lettering Delights....Ginger Claire

In 2nd place, the winner of a $15 gift certificate to Lettering Delights...faithfulecreations

In 1st place, the winner of a $25 gift certificate to Lettering Delights...Stephanie K

Winners, please send me an e-mail and let me know what e-mail address you would like your prize sent to and CONGRATULATIONS!  You gals are awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the great scoop!! So jealous you get to go to the shows! This info came just in time... I was just about to consult you about an embosser. I did not want to get the cuttlebug for obvious reasons and did not know a lot about any others. So now my questions have been answered - I will wait for the eBosser!

Thanks again Denise, as always you are awesome!!

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