Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Last Mother's Day Card

I just realized that I completely forgot to share this card!  This card was for my MIL.  My MIL loves flowers, especially buying them.  It is a running joke in our family that she will go buy flowers intending to plant them, but somehow they never do.  This year she bought a bunch of flowers and my FIL saw them sitting there and could not stand to see these flowers die the death that usually happens, so he asked one of his employees who loves gardening to come over and get them planted which she did.  Finally a year without dying flowers!

The Zinnia seed packet is an SVG from Lettering Delights' Bee Yourself SVG set.  There are A LOT of layers to this card, so if you decide to cut these, make sure that you have a larger envelope than normal to accommodate the extra bulk.  I used the printing technique for the Zinnia label and the 5 cents marking.  The original file has "Smith's Seed Company" listed at the bottom, but I decided to make my own to fit with the occasion and I printed that as well.

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