Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can You Stand A Little More Disney?

For the two projects I am going to show you, I used designs that I got online.  None of them came from a Cricut cartridge.  In fact, I created one myself from a image that I found online (and yes, I will share!)  This first sweatshirt, came from the Make The Cut Gallery.  Thank you user #2363, don't know who you are, but I love the design!  It is close to a design that is on the Wall Decor & More Cricut cartridge.  All I did to this file, was create the shadow which I used Make the Cut to do.

The background color is the Siser Easyweed Pale Blue, and the top layer is Chemica Hotmark Galaxy White Glitter, and it is gorgeous!  Both of these vinyls I got from http://www.specialty-graphics.com/. They have a lot of options in t-shirt vinyl there.

For this next one, there is a bit of a story here.  The first time, we took Jared to Disney World, I was worried about taking him on the Haunted Mansion.  He was only 2, and I thought that it would be too scary for him.  Imagine my surprise when not only was he not scared, but he loved it!  Haunted Mansion has always been a favorite of my husband's too.  When I saw THESE files by Mardenz, I just knew that I had to make the two of them some matching t-shirts.  Here is the front of the shirt.

I just loved this way that this turned out!  The only problem with it is that unless you are Disney enthusiasts like us, you might not get it.  I decided that I need to come up with something for the back of the shirt that identified this as the Haunted Mansion.  I found an image online, and traced it into Make the Cut, did some minor tweaking, and this is what I came up with.

If you would like the file, click here.  Also if you are interested in other Disney files, make sure to check out Mardenz's blog, she has several great files, and I am going to be using some more of them!

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